How To Care For Laminate Flooring

Once your laminate floor is installed and looking fabulous, you really are going to want to keep it looking that way. There are lots of things you can do to ensure it stays in good condition and the good news is that laminate flooring is a relatively low maintenance option.

 Read our care guide below to ensure you take the right steps to keep your flooring looking great. Some important points to bear in mind when placing your furniture:

1) Place soft castors under chairs and table legs to prevent scratches and dents.
2) Always lift furniture that requires moving – never push or drag furniture around on laminate flooring to avoid scratching damage.

Laminate Floor Care Tips: DO

  • Hoover your floors regularly
  • Use doormats by entrances and exits
  • Keep pets’ nails trimmed
  • Use a soft broom to sweep your floor

Laminate Floor Care Tips: DON'T

  • Allow the floor to absorb any kind of liquid
  • Use abrasive cleaners
  • Allow the floor to be subject to direct sunlight
  • A doormat will help to trap the dirt and prevent it from being brought indoors.
  • Vacuum your floor regularly with a hard floor attachment or sweep with a soft broom to remove all debris.
  • You can clean most laminate flooring with plain water or a solution of vinegar and water (made up of one cup of vinegar to one gallon of warm water). This can help to maintain the floor’s shine.
  • Laminate floors cannot be exposed to excess liquid so ensure that the mop is only slightly damp at best.  Never pour excess liquid over the floor to clean.
  • For spot cleaning pour a mixture of water and vinegar on a damp cloth and heavily rub the required areas.
  • To combat wear and tear and keep your laminate floor looking its best, use a floor shiner or two coats of floor polish.
  • For a more intensive clean, use a slightly damp microfibre mop or floor cloth with specialist laminate floor cleaning fluid.  This should then be dried with a clean cloth.
  • To clear substances such as candle wax or chewing gum, use a plastic bag filled with ice to freeze it and then scrape off with a plastic scraper. Wipe clean using a slightly damp cloth.
  • Rub at the scuff mark with a damp sponge.  This should remove most scuffing.
  • To remove heavier scuff marks, use a smooth rubber eraser to rub over the markings.
  • Repeat the process until the scuff is gone.
  • Scuff erasers can be purchased at a hardware shop.

Most laminate flooring is very hard-wearing and stands up well to everyday life, but the floor surface can still be subject to scratches.

  • Hardware shops may stock laminate repair kits.
  • Never use a scouring pad or other abrasive implements to clean laminate flooring

The advice and guidance provided above are for general information only and Carpet City Ltd. bears no responsibility or liability.
If in doubt always contact the manufacturer for product maintenance instructions. 

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