How To Care For LVT Flooring

You’ve invested in Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) to transform your house, shop, or office into beautiful surroundings. To ensure that they look their best over the years you will need to clean and maintain them with care.

We’ve pulled together a care guide to help you, packed with expert hints and tips.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Care Tips: DO

  • Hoover your floors regularly
  • Sweep with a soft broom
  • Use doormats and rugs by entrances and exits
  • Keep pets’ nails trimmed

Luxury Vinyl Tile Care Tips: DON'T

  • Saturate the LVT with excess liquid
  • Use wax polishes
  • Use a steam mop
  • Drag furniture across your LVT
  • Subject your floor to direct sunlight
  • Ensure any mats or rugs have a non-slip backing to hold them in place and prevent accidents.
  • To avoid damage, never push or drag furniture around on luxury vinyl tile flooring. Lift any furniture that needs to be moved.

Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is a practical option to areas more subject to spillages and stains.

  • Luxury vinyl flooring is wonderfully simple to clean and will require little more than a regular brush and mop.
  • Vacuum regularly or sweep with a soft brush to remove loose debris.
  • Wash weekly to remove surface stains. Never saturate the floor but use a slightly damp mop or cloth to clean the surface instead.
  • To keep your luxury vinyl tiles looking their best, keep them free of dust and dirt by sweeping or vacuuming regularly and using a slightly damp cloth or mop to surface clean.
  • Always check the labels of cleaning solutions to ensure that they are compatible with the flooring.
  • Wax polish should not be used with vinyl flooring as this can make the surface of the floor slippery and looking dull in appearance.

Luxury vinyl tiles are known for being fairly easy to keep clean. 

  • Remove surface stains as they occur to prevent them from setting in.
  • Never saturate the floor, but use a slightly damp mop or cloth to wipe the stain away.
  • Use a damp cloth with warm water and a mild detergent to lift a heavier stain.
  • Chemicals and cleaning agents can be used to remove stubborn stains. Remember to ensure these chemicals are suitable for use on LVT flooring and in your home.
  • After use, always wipe the surface of the floor thoroughly with a damp cloth using clean water after use and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Steam cleaners are not recommended for use on your LVT floor.

Caring for vinyl flooring is easy – a simple brush and clean on a weekly basis can keep your flooring looking as good as new.

  • Using doormats at all entrances and exits will help entrap dirt and moisture.  The doormats themselves should be cleaned regularly.
  • To keep your flooring looking its best, use blinds or curtains to avoid direct sunlight shining onto your floor. 

If an entire tile (or two) is severely damaged, the sheer practicality of LVT means that individual tiles can be replaced without the need for pulling up the entire floor. 

  • Use a heat gun to thaw and loosen the adhesive under the tile, until the tile lifts easily from the floor.
  • Wipe the floor beneath the tile clean.
  • Ensure the tile is of the correct size and design before placement.
  • Adhere the new tile to the floor space, ensuring that the floor designs are correctly aligned.
  • Use a rolling pin or floor roller to ensure that the new tile sticks firmly and uniformly into place, without any air bubbles.

Any scratches or holes in your LVT flooring can be fixed without even having to remove the entire tile.

  • Epoxy resin, a clear liquid obtainable from DIY shops, can create a hard filling for the hole or scratch in your LVT. 
  • Use acrylic artist’s paint that matches the colour of the luxury vinyl tile.
  • Mix the epoxy resin with the acrylic artist’s paint and gently place it in the hole or scratch you wish to fill.
  • Level out the mixture, removing any excess and then leave the repair to dry.

The advice and guidance provided above are for general information only and Carpet City Ltd. bears no responsibility or liability.
If in doubt always contact the manufacturer for product maintenance instructions. 

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